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The Bartered Bride

The festively lit painted curtain by Augustin Němejc, which the audience will see during the prelude, will be the gateway to the new production of The Bartered Bride, the concept of which will pay tribute to the local picturesque region, folk costumes and traditional village scenes.


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7:00 PM



240 - 370 CZK



Bedřich Smetana set his most famous opera precisely in Pilsen as a memory of his youth, and in the same way, our staging will transport us to these places during the time when the master studied here, wandered through nature and experienced his first loves. Therefore, the stage will be filled with performers in authentic costumes, an adult and children's choir, a large ballet dancing regional folk dances and, of course, soloists - exclusively from Pilsen - led by Thalia award winner Ivana Veberová as Marenka and our resident soloist Amir Khan as Jeník.

The new production of Prodané nevésta will be staged musically by the conductor Jiří Štrunc and directed by Tomáš Ondřej Pilař, who will say goodbye to this ensemble after six years at the helm of the Pilsen Opera.

Length 180 minutes
Wheelchair access
Bedřich Smetana

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