Have you found your experience yet? By clicking on the "BUY TICKETS" icon, you will be taken to the seat selection - hall view. After marking the selected places, the ticket is saved in your virtual basket. Then click the "Add to Cart" button. 

In the next step, you will be shown a summary of the reservation, where you can check whether you have selected the correct seats. In the next step, you select the type of payment and the type of ticket delivery. If you want to pay for your ticket online, you can choose the online card payment method or bank transfer. For employees of PMDP, a.s. it is possible to pay through Cafeteria benefits. 

You also need to fill in Personal Data for the so-called "quick purchase" or log in to an already created account. To continue, you need to agree to the terms and conditions and click "Continue". More information on payment options can be found in the "How to shop" section. 

If the payment was made by card online at the payment gateway, the e-Tickets will be sent to your email immediately. If payment is sent by bank transfer, it may take up to three working days to be processed. Subsequently, you will receive an email with confirmation of receipt of payment and at the same time your eTickets. 

If you do not receive your tickets, try logging in to the "My Account" section on the website where you purchased the tickets. If you cannot find the tickets even in the My purchases section after logging into your personal account, call us at +420 277 012 677 or write e-mail to info@plzenskavstupenka.cz. 

Of course. You can find our gift vouchers in various values in the "Gift Vouchers" section. 

It is possible to use them online for all actions from our offer. They are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. 

Individual vouchers can only be used online on our Pilsen tickets website. 

At first, please check your SPAM or bulk mail. If you cannot find the tickets there, open the webpage where you made your order and sign into the section "My Account". You submit your email, if you don’t know your password, click on "Send again".  Then, you will receive a password into your email. After you sign in, you’ll see your order and the option to print the tickets. Can you not see your purchase there? Call us and we will be happy to help you with it. It could happen that a wrong email was submitted or a purchase was realised on another website.

Mostly we can. Call us and together we will find the show you want and book specific seats for you for three days.

With the reservation number, you just need to go to any point of sale and buy tickets there. You can find all sales outlets in the "sales points" section.

However, if the date of the performance is in the next few days, or the organizer does not wish to make reservations, the only option is to buy tickets directly online or at the point of sale without prior reservation. 

It is always better to have eTickets printed and a black and white version is absolutely sufficient. You’ll make a check-in at an event quicker. Every eTicket is printed on a A4 format page and it is valid complete only. Do not cut it anywhere! If you don’t have a possibility of the print, it’s enough to show it on your mobile phone. A supervisor will manage that.

Unfortunately we do not have. We see the same in the system as you as the client, and if the event is sold out, we have no "extra" tickets. But we believe that you can choose something else from our offer 

You can pick up tickets at any point of sale within the Colosseum Ticket network and partner stores, there is no need to choose it anywhere in advance. You only need to state your reservation or order number on the spot. You can find a list of points of sale in the "Sale points" section. 

That always depends on the organizer. If a discount is possible, you will see the "Choose  
a discount" button in the second step of the order (in the basket). In most cases, we also include discounts in the description of the event itself. Just click and see what discounts are on offer. 

This is a rather unpleasant situation, but we understand that it can happen. In this case, send us your request for a duplicate to info@plzenskavstupenka.cz. Also send the order number and payment confirmation. We will find out from the organizer whether they will allow reprinting.

If so, it will be reprinted for you at the same checkout as the original. However, the copy will be marked as a duplicate, and if original tickets also appear at the event, those will be given priority! The usher in the theater no longer has room to solve why even duplicates were printed. Did you know that the ticket is valuable and it should be treated accordingly. 

The organizer of the given event always decides on the possibility of refunding the entrance fee. All requests are assessed individually and according to the applicable terms and conditions. In the event of a cancellation request, please send us a written request to our e-mail info@plzenskavstupenka.cz with justification, your ticket number, order number, the name of the event and the date of the event.

We will send the given request to the organizer for approval and we will resolve the situation based on his opinion. It is always necessary to contact us, preferably well in advance of the event, so that we can forward the request to the organizer as quickly as possible. However, we are not responsible for his decision! 

Yes, but in that case you need to make the payment by bank transfer. Create a reservation with a payment type of transfer, but do not pay it. Then send us the billing information and reservation number to info@plzenskavstupenka.cz and we will issue you an advance invoice.

We will send the final invoice after payment upon request or you can find it in the "My Account" section. For orders paid by card online, you can find a receipt in the My Account section, an invoice is not created for them and cannot be issued retroactively. 

In the case of a larger order, only we can make a reservation for you within one invoice. If it is, for example, tickets for companies or schools, send us a request by e-mail, i.e. the name of the event, the date of the event, the number of tickets and also a description of the places you are interested in (price category, etc.) - or please send us the invoice directly data. 

Please direct bulk ticket orders for schools or companies to info@plzenskavstupenka.cz. We will be happy to advise you and reserve tickets, then issue an invoice. 

One option is to create multiple orders. Another option is to contact us by phone at +420 277 012 677 or by email at info@plzenskavstupenka.cz and we will create a reservation for a larger number of places.

Ideally, you send us an e-mail with a request for a bulk booking with information such as the name of the event, the venue and the number of tickets you are interested in. Alternatively, send the billing information. 

Such a performance is included in one of the subscriptions offered by the organizer. Unfortunately, tickets cannot be purchased separately for the aforementioned performance. You can find more information in the "Subscription" tab, where you can choose the entire package of events. 

If you receive information from the organizer that the performance for which you bought tickets is canceled or moved and you do not know how to deal with such information, write us an e-mail at info@plzenskavstupenka.cz. We will verify with the specific organizer the possibility of a refund or exchange of tickets. 

If possible, always send us some identifying information by e-mail, preferably your order number, the name of the event, the date of the event and the number of your tickets (11-digit number on the ticket).